Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the instructions to operate the Picture That Sound card? +

    1. Turn the On/Off switch to On. There is no need to turn the switch back to Off.
    2. To record, press and hold down the REC button on the front of the card. You'll see a red light indicating that you are recording. After 20 seconds, the light will turn off indicating that the recording has stopped.
    3. Press the arrow button to Play your recording.
    4. If you are happy with the recording, flip over the card and remove the Tab to save the recording. See photo below. NOTE: The tab can be inserted again if you choose to re-record. Until you remove the Tab, be careful to not push the REC button again unless you want to re-record.
    5. Add your photos, handwriting, and embellishments to make a unique project that will last for generations.
  • How much recording time is provided? +

    20 seconds

  • Can I continue to record a sound until it's just right? +

    Yes, each time you push the "record" button, you capture a new sound. By removing the pull-tab, you can protect your recording from being lost.

  • How can I protect my recorded message? +

    Remove the pull-tab on the side of the card to protect your recording forever.

  • Can I put the pull tab back in to re-record a message? +

    Yes, it's small, so don't lose it if you plan to put it back into the card.

  • Can I add several messages to the Picture That Sound™ card? +

    No, only one message can be recorded and stored on the card.

  • Will I lose my recorded sound if the batteries die? +

    No. Each Picture That Sound card comes loaded with long-life coin batteries. At the end of the batteries' life, you can replace them easily without disturbing the recording. The recording will not play until the batteries are replaced.

  • How do I replace the batteries? +

    On the left side of the Picture That Sound card, use your fingernail to slide open the battery tray. Use your fingernail to open the prong securing each battery. Simply pull out the old batteries and replace with new ones. Make sure you insert the batteries with the same side up as the old batteries and push the prongs down to secure them.

  • What type of replacement batteries should I purchase? +

    Your included batteries should last as much as 10 years. Purchase the same coin batteries as found in the card. You'll need three L1131 coin batteries. Most retail stores will carry these batteries.

  • Is the paper featured in the Picture That Sound card archival quality? +

    Yes, the high-quality cardstock is acid and lignin free, like most memory-keeping paper products. It's always best to use craft gloves and/or wash your hands before handling the card to prevent the transfer of skin oils to the card.

  • How do I attach a photo to the Picture That Sound card? +

    You will find archival-safe adhesive products at your local craft store or online.

  • Will you have new designs in the future? +

    Yes, our design team is currently developing the next line of card designs. In addition, we're developing a product line to compliment your unique cards. Let us know what you'd like to see. Email us!

  • What size is the Picture That Sound card? +

    Each package includes two cards, each 7" wide and 5" tall. This is the ideal size to feature the speaker, your photo(s), handwriting, and embellishments. The card is slim and won't bulk up scrapbooks or mailing envelopes.

  • Can I trim the card? +

    Trimming the Picture That Sound card is not recommended. The card is designed to protect the recording device.

  • I've received my order, and I can't get the card to work. What do I do? +

    Send us an Email . We will respond to you within the same business day. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If we cannot resolve your issue right away, we'll send you a new product or refund your money.

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